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With Finesse Inferno You'll Learn:

Learn the Details of the game.

How to interact and build leadership with other players. ​

The consistency that is needed to become a great athlete.

​​In game skills and moves that will improve your IQ of the game.

How to push yourself out of your comfort zone not only as a basketball player but as a person as well.

"Finesse inferno takes pride on building a strong amount of care with every single one of their Atheletes."


Finesse Inferno wants to bring in players that are dedicated to ongoing improvement. We care about long-term growth more than anything else!

Fiba 3x3 Basketball Training League

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Third Perspective: In-Season Training Program

Our Core Values

Enthusiasm- Our players are excited to be in the gym at all times sharing the love and passion they have for the game and each other.

Character- Our players are polite respectful individuals that care about who we are as people on and off the court.

Competitive- Our players are competitive on and off the court. We not only care about our own development as players but we know competing hard in every drill will get the players around us better as well.


ABOUT Finesse inferno

Many players have experienced the struggles of putting in hours of work with little to no results. If you want to improve your game efficiently it comes down to doing game-like drills that get you in-game results. Finesse Inferno training style is built for in-game situations that focus on the fundamentals of shooting, in-game decision-making, footwork, and balance. As well as advanced skills that are needed to improve your game and reach that next level.

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Learn about Basketball Trainer Dante Lewis:

Dante Lewis was an above average player in high school that worked on his game day in and day out to master his craft and become the best he could be to improve his game within basketball. But as he trained tirelessly he soon realized that the work he put in never fully translated for the results he needed for in-game success. As he went up to play at higher levels of basketball playing at Whatcom Community College and Division-2 University of Hawaii at Hilo he realized the importance of making your workouts as game-like as possible. After all, that is what we are training for, the game! Dante took this lesson and applied it to his basketball training where game-like drills and skills result in unwasted hours. He joined Drew Hanlen, Famous NBA Skills coach and Pure Sweat basketball, mentorship program and has constantly been learning from him and his team. He has gotten the opportunity to help assist NBA teams with him as well. Being able to assist in workouts with players like Bradley Beal, Jason Tatum, Zach Lavine, RJ Barrett and other NBA Pro’s as well. Dante also is a part of PGC basketball as a Basket Instrutor where he has helped hundreds of kids improve their game! He also worked as an assistant basketball coach at Lake Stevens high school, and has connections with high school and college coaches. He is from the Snohomish County area and lives in north Seattle and wants to keep helping to improve the value of others through the game of basketball.

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Players that have trained with Finesse Inferno Basketball Training that have made it to the next level:

Tijan Saine- Mariner High School (Western Washington University)

Freddy Brown lll- University of Montana- Central Washington University

Jaye Ohonme- Kamiak High School- Peninsula Community College- Clark Community College

Scotty Ewing- PBA and East Asia Super League Pro Bay Area Dragons

Brendan Bier- Kamiak High School- Clark Community College

Trey Drechsel- S.L. Benfica Profressional Basketball Player in Lisbon, Portugal

Lewis Pope- Northwest University

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Text: 425-210-7875

Mukilteo & Ballard Seattle



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